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For the first time, Web Mastery 101 is Offering Free Websites

During this first week of June 2019, anyone who wants to make their mark on the internet can now receive a free website from web Mastery 101. Contact us today and let us bring your future online. Who should take advantage of this generous offer of a free site?

Small Business Owners

Being a Small Business Owner can include but is not limited to General Contractors, Landscapers, Electricians, Painters, Locksmiths, Resturants, Doctors, Lawyers, or anyone who wants to see their business flourish.

Whether you currently have an existing website that needs to be updated to today’s rapidly changing tech, or you need one to post and categorize and keep up to date all that is you in your rapidly evolving and growing business. We can even handle your auto-responders to contact your appropriate customers with changes and offers that affect them as needed. Whatever it takes is what you get with Web Mastery 101.


Whether you would like to start a simple blog for your local Church or community or you write a column for a High School or major newspaper to e-books or books you hold in your hands a website will be the hallmark of your success.

There are tons of people just l; like you that make a good living from anywhere with internet access from selling books online on such sites as Amazon, Nook, iBooks, Google Play, etcetera. Imagine how you could increase or supplement income and notoriety by showcasing your work through a Free and beautiful custom made website from WM101.

Name Domain

Did you know that you can create a website restricted to only family and friends and their friends and special people of your choosing?

You can make your memories immortal online for only the eyes that you want to share them with a portfolio

. We at WM101 can turn your Family name into a .com or .org or .net and show you how pictures of graduations and birthdays and anniversaries and Christmas letters can be immediate with cousins and uncles and in-laws and grandmas, lol, the sky and your imagination are the limits.


Make a website that will put a new twist on your collection that will quite literally blow the socks off of your next would be clients. Resumes have gone the way of the dinosaurs. If you hand a resume to a potential client or employer that is more than a page long, it will only end up in the garbage. If you restrict it to a single page, they may overlook many of the little proclivities that make you the beautiful and talented person that you are.

Websites are different, however. A website can be categorized to display your most important characteristics to the ones you deem least necessary. Your points of interest may be broken down into separate posts for separate topics. You may want us to add a search bar to your website so that a potential employer can immediately find what they are looking for without taking hours out of their busy day to scan and miss whatever it is that will determine whether they hire you or the next person.

These are just a few reasons a website should be in your future, and we can bring your future online. Grab this opportunity with WM101 today before it is too late and secure your future with us.

Free Custom Personalized Website Requirements


You will be happy to know that Web Mastery 101 sells domains. The first thing that you probably want to do is to open a free account with Webmastery. Accounts with webmastery 101 are free and can

quickly cancel at any time. Just CLICK HERE and follow the simple prompts. A domain is your address on the web. For instance, ours is If you already own a domain, we can use this.

If you do not have a Domain already, they are effortless to acquire, CLICK HERE and have fun finding your ideal domain. You cannot have a website without a domain, but you can have a domain that does not have a website on it. We at Web mastery 101 will help you with this daunting task by clicking here and searching for the field of your dreams with our Domain Search, and if it is available, for a small price, you will own your very own internet property.


WM101 has stellar hosting and various plans that you can choose from. Once you have found your domain, you will need to create a free account and acquire hosting. We offer very competitive rates for high-quality domains and hosting. To see our plans and prices, CLICK HERE. However, you may purchase hosting with any company of your choosing as long as we have the credentials necessary to build your future online.


The right logo can sell someone’s services before a customer reads the first word. When my children were very young, they may not have been able to read, but they recognized the golden arches of Mcdonald’s from a mile away. We can create a brand new logo or reformat your existing logo or vectorize your logo or make it transparent or even 3D. The sky is the limit. CLICK HERE and tell us a little about your ideas and allow us to formulate plans to have the resources you need rolling in in no time. Logos usually range from $50 to a couple of hundred dollars depending on required features and files and whether you want your logo trademarked or not. Let us know what you want.

The cool thing about logos is that often they have secret meanings that can affect someone’s subconscious when they tend to associate excellent service with your branding. However, this means that you will need to keep up the excellent work at what you are doing, and with the help of a well-crafted logo, WM101 can help you place your mark on the internet.


A website consists of many different parts. Two such elements of a site are the layout and the blog.
A layout is made up of what we refer to as “Pages” and tell about your website. The blog section is made up of what we call “Posts” and say what your site is about. Many people like to write their content, and we can let you know what we recommend for your most significant and most rapid success, such as word count and the topics of your layout.

However, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical to the success of a site on Google’s search engines, and we can write highly SEOed content for you. The cost will vary depending on the word count. For pages, we suggest a word count of between 500 and 750 words and posts rank in Google better for what is know as long-form content. Long-form content is in access to 1,800 words.

Six-month SEO agreement

SEO is essential to the success of a website, and WM101 guarantees that we will get you on the first page of Google. Ranking well on Google’s SERP, (Search Engine Result Pages) is when you will begin to see the expected income start rolling into your PayPal or bank account. For more information about SEO Services and Pricing, CLICK HERE. If you like to know more about SEO, you can read more about SEO Services HERE

Many Options can be Included on a Website

For example, you may want us to design an create a custom Order Form for your website. Just let us know what you want the form to include and the behavior you prefer for the Order Form to take and the staff of web mastery 101 is more than able to handle the job at an affordable price. CLICK HERE and under the section “Your Project” check the box for “Graphic Design.”

Other Optional Physical Resources

WM101 can design and create for you are tools like Business Brochures and Business Cards. One of the more popular and trending things that today’s entrepreneurs are placing on business cards are QR codes. We can design your business cards to include a QR code that can be scanned with an android, Google or Apple phone or tablet to instantly take the customer to your website without them having to type in your web address.

QR codes are too neat. With business brochures, we are finding that the three-fold brochure has the highest success rate. CLICK HERE and under the section “Your Project” check the box for “Graphic Design.”

Along with a free website for each 6-month SEO Service purchased, WM101 is also offering a 25% discount on any services that we provide. Among the many services that we offer we recommend the following;

Social Media Marketing Services

We recommend a Facebook Business Page that we will link to your website and your website to your Facebook Business Page. These are somewhat (though a little time consuming) easy to create for they are straightforward. However, for an affordable price, we will be happy to create this for you. Once you have your FB Business Page established, we will begin to post 2 Social Media Posts each week for three months. You can see more information about our Social media Marketing Services HERE.

Paid Advertising

Successful business owners are serious about Aggressive Marketing. We are excellent at Pitch and Paid Marketing Campaigns such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Web mastery will be happy to design and manage your paid campaigns for $200/month. Once you have your advertising account(s) set up, all you need to do is to let us know your daily advertisement budget, and we will be happy to design and launch your campaigns accordingly.

Studies have shown that websites with a different strategy of SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Paid Ads have ten times more visibility than sites just targeting a single approach. The reason is simple. Different marketing strategies, by default, creates what is called branding.

Customers are much more likely and willing to buy from familiar brands that they see on multiple occasions. Various and different approaches in your marketing strategy will increase your online presence and brand your website, which will significantly increase your overall sales.

Webmastery gives a guaranteed satisfaction as well as first-page results with your 6-month SEO subscription. Digital Marketing takes many hours of Analysis, Research, and development. If we fail to get you to page one of Google, (rare, but possible if in a highly competitive niche), we will give you the next three months of SEO Services on us.

Thank you for reading this post. I am Bear, and there are several ways to contact me. You can reach a member of my staff or me by the instant chat at the bottom of this website, or you can email me at or call me at the phone number (256) 648-5268.

Thank you, muchly.



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