Hello There. Okay, Let’s do this Thingy, (Hand me the Duct Tape).

When it comes to blogging, the crux of the entire matter is to select topics that you are white hot passionate about and writing about those issues in such a way that your readers feel that they know you and are kindred spirits to your cause.

​They become so fascinated and intertwined and familiar with your wonderful little style, they pull their chairs up REAL close so that the air cannot blow between them and you. Now there, you silly ole Bear….that you have their attention, plow close to the corn, as we say in Alabama, and keeper Relevant.


So, what’s the cornerstone to selecting the best possible subjects that quickly become the paragon of excellence that will be treasured by the masses in the ages to come!? Let me tell you, something BUDDIES, come closer, I want to whisper something in your ear. The answer to this is very simple, blood simple. I did not say easy. Are you ready for the key?!? Know your target audience!!

Why are you Posting about witches and stitches when riches are your niches?? The best way to get to know your niche is to define and understand the actors that play the parts, your targeted audience, and define them for the people they are.

You are not building a great house of brick and mortar… no, my friends, a thousand times..NO!! You are building a great house of flesh and bone…mortared together with tears, blood and the sweat of your brows and you are going to have to fight for page 1 of Google. We can help you get there quickly!!  CLICK HERE. So pick a thesaurus up with one hand and a few living bricks (thoughts) and trial and Laptop in the other and follow me!! Hooah!! We are going to build your tomorrow together!! WM101 is going to help you to place your mark on the internet!!

​The first step to building a great place for your clientele to hang out is first to decide who it is exactly you are wanting to reach and how to move them. When it is possible, simply talk to them. Don’t throw a boring manual at them and then scratch your heads and wonder why they ducked.

Find common ground and converse about THEM, NOT YOU!! It may be your Website, Facebook, Twitter, your Comment Section at the bottom of your Post or in person or to their creator. They are putting bread on your children’s table so genuinely care about your customers!! Get your mind wrapped around their minds and remember you are their servant, not the other way around. Do you want them to BUY from you? Then Earn It!! Figure out what makes them tick. Figure out what makes them reach for their wallets.

Make Relevance Your Focal Point.

This business of yours whether solely online, brick and mortar or both is your baby, now rock it. Now that I have your hearts and minds in my little paw let’s dig down. I want to introduce you to my little friend and soon to be your best friend. NO…not the baby…A mighty little word called, Relevancy.

When my son, Skyler, was two years old, he started a habit of saying, ” what’s the point dada? Awe…..Jeez, Louise, we all thought it was funny. Man, how I would love to have those days once more. For me times has run its course and freed the horse that pulled me through my prime, sometimes LIFE is twice as cumbersome as the plow was back in the fields of the old homefront!!

Then one day I just asked him, ” Puppy, what do you mean when you say, what’s the point dada? He looked at me for a long time and then said, ” you talk too much”. Lol. Yes, indeed, I do….”out of the mouths of babes.” Let me ask you a question. What IS your POINT?? What are you saying or at least trying to? Have you listened to yourself lately? Relevancy, after all, is no spring chicken, no, it is as old as, Eden!! After all, we know that it is popular to talk about relevancy in marketing content … but just hold your horses a moment.

What in the world is relevancy anyways? Let’s break it down. Hammer Time!! You Can’t Touch This!!
Relevancy is to be focused on the needs of your audience, NOT YOURS! Relevancy is being laser focused it is not just popularity. No, relevancy has to do with your niche and your audience in particular. What are they asking for? What problems do they have that you can solve or at least find them someone that can? What are they striving to overcome? How can you help?

Please listen closely, trying to be relevant and being all over the board and talking out of the blue is a house divided and a house that is divided cannot stand. Straying from your niche and defining your audience is like trying to go skydiving without a parachute.

The longer your niche’s tail, the better you’ll be able to define and make it relevant. Let’s suppose, that you are in the weight loss niche; then a relevant article will have to do with belly fat, proper diet, exercise, cortisol, etc. Don’t publish an article on Windows 10 or Google Servers on your weight loss website.

Relevancy Is To “FOCUS” On The Prize!!

​​You put blinders on a horse to keep the horse’s attention on where you want them to go because horses are easily spooked or distracted, so are our clients. Relevant issues to your WEBSITE as an online or brick and mortar business owner is to be focused on your audience and for your actions and writings to fall within the set parameters of your niche. This is your HIGHEST ECHELON!!

Furthermore, you need to redefine how you are relevant in a relationship with your objectives… to help somebody and to have fun and to make money while doing it!! Nowhere is it credibly stated or written that money is the root of all evil!! IT IS NOT!! The… “LOVE of Money”…. is the root of all evil, and you can be flat broke, and love money more than people and you suck!! This can cause you to pierce yourself through with much sorrow. Why is it that being poor is so noble and being rich is somehow bad?? I have known a lot of poor people that are horrible people and I have known some rich people who are the bomb.

Every post you write in your blog should have a purpose that is beyond just eyeballs and traffic. Hopefully, you are trying to gain something more. What am I, talking about? Dear friends, it is called, CONVERSIONS, SUBSCRIPTIONS, REPEAT BUSINESS. What is the objective? What is your primary malfunction in not making that sale as you know you should and need to do?

To Be Truly Relevant focus on here and NOW!

Many people are gun shy when it comes to asking someone to act now. Why? Well, to be fair, it has been used to death. Why? Simple, it works!! ” I’ll offend them, and they won’t buy my stuff,” you say. My precious friend, you cannot lose what you do not have. Ask for the sale.

Also, to be relevant, you need to be up to date. You cannot be relevant handing out the old news with obsolete methods. Google prefers content that is fresh. Trending topics are favored in the ever updated Google algorithms. Relevancy knows what the solution is before they know what the problem is.
This reminds me of a war room at TOC – NORAD Tactical Operations Center is a command post for police, paramilitary, or military operations. Make no mistake, it is a war in commerce these days.

Relevant content will be that when you realize an existing problem and develop a solution based on your research of the issue. When you can successfully research known problems and potential situation based on the presidency, then you have a hold on this whole relevancy thingy. That’s your guiding light to content.

We must make sure that we understand the full brevity of the situation in all of its size and girth if we are to come up with relevant pages/post.


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