Why Does Your Business Need to be Online?

With the booming economy that the USA is experiencing, most businesses have seen more money in their coffers than ever before because of one simple fact; a rising tide lifts all ships. So why would a local business need a website or to be online if they already have more work than they can handle?

Well, that’s blood simple. How about, because they have more work than they can handle? That’s right, a website that will allow you to tell about yourself is ideal in the highly competitive markets of today because people buy from those they feel they know. Have you ever been called to give an estimate and then find that they did not let you inside? Why? Because while they may need you, they do not KNOW you. 

How much time are you spending with your clients saying the same things over and over before you can even figure out what they need or what needs doing for you to give a price? Why relay who you are over and over if your website breaks that ice for you? There is a reason people listen to celebrities and give them credence. They think they know them. Why? Because they follow them on Instagram and Facebook and think they know them. 

I would say too much & by far too many times repeating the same old song and dance. What if you had a website designed by the experts at Web Mastery 101 that was near perfect? This would allow your target prospects and clients to watch videos, get quick, and frequently asked questions answered. It would let the customer know who you are and what your company large or small is about? 

You can pre-sell almost anything and near guarantee the contract while never selling a thing. What? Yep, you see people hate to be sold, but they love to buy, and in essence, what is the difference, and why should you care? If you sell them, they give you money for your product or service. If they buy, they provide you with cash for your products and services. 

However, when someone can go to your site and get all they want to know answered and get to know about you and your product and services and read what people are saying about you, your closing rate goes from a meager 10% to better than 90% or more and much faster. Why? Simple, you would not have gotten that call in the first place had they not already know all the answers to their questions by having first been on your site from the start. 

You will be amazed at how much less time it takes and how many more jobs you have when the client does not have to be as educated on all things concerning you and what you do. You will also find that you will earn more money per job. Why? Simple really, the client feels they know you already and will trust you more.

They know what they want and are ready to buy unless you drop the ball, which means the client will, more often than not, pay the original price without haggling. Why? Because they already know the price before they even called. After all, quality work at a reasonable price is hard to find. Why is it hard to find? Because they all have websites that make them more real to the client.

You will have more business and less time to lose by saying the same thing over and over to educate and persuade the customer to buy. This is enough to exhaust anyone, and the customer will subconsciously recognize dwindling optimism in you.

However, a video is the same no matter how many times different people watch it. A blog post is the same, no matter how many times the customer reads it. That’s why you need a professional custom type of website that Web Mastery 101 creates for you.

Here is a sad truth, you are hemorrhaging money, and you do not even realize it. How can that be? Because you are losing potential money that you could have if you had been doing things the right way. You can see ten clients that already know what they need or want and what you are about and are ready to buy in less time than five that you have got to educate.

Not only that, but buying customers pay more gladly for the same product or services that customers you try and sell. Think about it. How many times have you seen someone haggle a car salesperson at a car lot? You’d be stupid not to. 

How many times have you seen those same people haggle with a cashier at Walmart? None. Why? Two reasons; Walmart almost has no cashiers, lol, and the people at Walmart are not being sold, they ARE BUYING. Huge difference. 

This is why you need a site and a business card with your website address on it. In the 5 hours, it takes for you to find and drive to their address, then go through your spill over and over to people who forget who you are; you can hand a business card to in 2 seconds. 

When you do, stress everything they need to know is on your site and ask them to look on their phone at the next stop. You’d be surprised that with the proper branding and a smile, how many people will. Even if they don’t, what have you lost? A smile? I’ve got tons of those I’ll give you for free. 

What have you saved? How about a client that you forget to call back or goes with someone else before you can get to them two hours later than you told them you would? Especially when the only time you can go is after work when you are tired and hungry and dirty and just want to get home and call it a day. The customer will know and will subconsciously decide to use someone who cares.

Time!!… is the reason and not just for work but also fun. Do you realize if you made more money doing what defines you quicker, you would have more money to hire people that you currently can’t afford to do the things you need doing? Instead of spending 5 hours watching YouTube videos trying to figure out how to put that robot vacuum cleaner you destroyed back together, that still won’t work.

Don’t waste half a day when you could be sealing the deal with a client on what you know better than anyone else. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve cut my perfectly manicured lawn or cleaned my spotless house? Quite a while. Why? Because I am too busy selling websites and web services because that is what and who I am. I’m not in the landscaping or house cleaning business. The people I have to do it for me awsome. How did I know they would be so awesome? Because I checked them out before I ever called them and didn’t argue when they priced the job.

Why would I not haggle? I don’t haggle for two reasons. I knew what I wanted, and I knew what they’d charge me. If you need a third reason, it was because I can afford it. Why? Because I have a successful website agency where people can buy instead of me selling them. 

You say, “you are selling me right now.” No, I’m not. I am giving you facts just as your website will provide your customers with the facts. Besides, I’m not selling you; you are selling yourself. You may ask what the services at web Mastery 101 costs. All our prices can be found on our website. 

Just go to www.WebMastery101.com and click the pricing link on the menu. You might ask if I’ll do the job for less. I will not. Why? Because I know what our services are worth and I have more clients than we can handle unless you are buying. I am not going to waste my time trying to sell you. That only spends our time and will annoy you.

In today’s economy, you need to put your business online. Especially if you are a local business because of your competition and the market demand requires it. These days practically everyone has access to the internet in the palm of their hands called a cell phone and knows how to use it to find the answers they seek. 

More Educated Customers With Higher Expectations

The salesperson of yesterday is sooo…80’s. They are gone or passing away quickly. You know the kind. The kind that can’t answer your questions but instead try and bs you that everything will be okay if you sign the dotted line. In the ’80s and ’90s, if they did answer the questions, you asked it was a lie, and few, if any, they would have checked if it was so. Why? Because they did not have a phone in their hand or was that savvy with the internet.

The slick lying salespersons of yesterday are becoming roadkill on the information superhighway. Customers, more often than not, research companies and product referrals and reviews and options these days. Successful companies like Amazon know this, and this is why the online business products are better or at least rivals what you find in the traditional block and mortar stores. 

Amazon knows that people leave reviews, and whether you realize it or not, word of mouth has been replaced with what people posted online. Don’t believe me? Who lives two doors down from you on either side of your home? How many times are you on Facebook in a week? How do you feel when people you converse with every day in text use Facebook’s Messenger app to call you? See? The same devices that connect you to the world have disconnected you from your neighbors. 

By providing a website, a company can offer the convenience of instant information and still fulfill the demand for a product or service quickly and of high quality.

24/7 Access and not spending 30 minutes setting up a 2-hour estimate that goes nowhere.

Another advantage of having a website is that you can provide 24 hours 7 days a week, 365 days per year information to your clients or prospects. We can put a schedule in your site for estimates where clients can schedule online, and your day is laid out for the week before you pick up a pencil or take the first call on Monday. 

We even offer live chat where you can be at Walmart or a ball game, and the clients will never know that you are not open for business. Why? Because you will get a notification and will be able to text back and forth, working out the details through an app on your cell phone. The sky is the limit, and WM101 is your go-to web agency for all things online.

Your business may close its doors for holidays and weekends or perhaps overnight. Still, your website is selling for you 24/7/365 to new prospects as well as existing customers, and you don’t have to pay or even feed it.

Market Penetration, Expansion, and Domination

It has well been said that the best place to hide a dead body is on the 2nd page of Google. My craft is called Web Mastery, like someone who builds, is called carpentry. 

Google the words “Web Mastery” as two separate words and see for your selves. We will get you to the top of Google in the three months or less, or we will work for free for you until we get your website there, GUARANTEED.

Did you know that it is statistically 5 times easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to a new customer? By putting a blog roll on your website, you can (or have us) write a blog post once a week — this will layout what you are doing. A weekly blog post will allow you to offer new services for your existing and new potential customers. 

If you offer products and services for sale on your website, you give your customers a chance to buy on their own time and their terms; they will.

  • Wow! This is an awesome read. I had talked myself out of paying for a website because between doing jobs and as much time getting jobs I didn’t have the time. Now I see that by having a website I’d have more time doing jobs and even interviews for new employees. Thank you, I now understand.

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